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Zero Pelago Fees on All events

Thats right, you got it!  Christmas is coming early this year.  All events taking place from 1 Nov and at least until Jan 2021 will have zero Pelago fees for the organizer*

As a Pelago event organizer, the only fees you will be charged are the payment gateway fees charged by PayPal, Stripe or PayMe.   The attendee pays 8 HKD service fees per ticket.   That’s it.

Until now, Pelago charged a 2.5% + 8 HKD per ticket. From 1 Nov, these 2.5% Pelago fees are waived! And if we could waive the payment gateway fees as well, we would.  But, we can’t.  They are charged by the payment gateways.

The good news is that PayMe only charges a 1.5% flat fee per order.  That means for all your tickets purchased on PayMe, you as the organizer only pay 1.5% total !!  Is that crazy or what? Totally.

PayPal and Stripe charge higher fees at between 3.4 to 4.4% + 2.35 HKD per order. So, we (not so) quietly advise you to encourage your audience to pay with PayMe.

And free events are always free on Pelago.  No charges for anyone.

So take advantage of the new normal and get your event on Pelago now.

Here’s how to download the app and create your event.

For any questions, you can contact us directly at


* Note: this offer applies to all standard events on Pelago.  For events requiring dedicated support package, please get in touch and we will offer you a super competitive rate for your event or event series.


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