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8 Tips For The Best Summer Junk

The team at Pelago love summertime junking! In fact part of the reason we invented Pelago was because we wanted to make organizing our own junks easier! It doesn’t matter whether you’re organizing a private party or a large multi-vessel event, Pelago is the ideal platform for making your junk trip fun and easy to manage.

How do you make your junk the best one on the high seas? We have compiled some top tips for organizing The Best Junk Party of the Summer!

First things first, download Pelago here and start creating your best junk event ever!

Tip #1: Getting your price right

Two key factors when organizing your summer junk are budget and how many friends you want to invite. Most junks have a capacity of about 40 guests, with boat hire ranging from HK$6,000 to HK$25,000. It’s vital you get the right number of guests. Bigger junks allow you to spread the cost, however they come with more financial commitment, so be sure to get your ducks in a row. Anywhere between HK$400 and HK$800 is an acceptable amount to charge guests depending on the style of boat and services such as booze, food, speed boat etc. Even your destination can also add to the cost so factor this in.

Pelago Tip: You will most likely need to put down a deposit with your junk boat operator, which you will need to raise before your trip. Pelago sends you the net proceeds of your ticket sales within five days after your event. More info here.

Tip #2: Invite guests with Pelago’s help

Getting your friends to sign up early is key. Getting people to commit is tough unless they’re worried about losing their spot. A first-come, first-served system works best. Pelago is excellent in this area as it monitors how much you have raised so you can keep track of numbers. The great feature of pre-selling is you’re assured a full junk come rain or shine! So whether you’re planning a private charter with friends or a commercial event, create your Junk Party on Pelago and share the link with friends on Facebook or via email.

Pelago Tip: Public invitations are also shown on the Explore Page on Pelago! Download the app, and start inviting people with ease! Click the video here to see an easy step-by-step guide.

Tip #3: Booking your perfect junk

Once you have an idea of how many people you plan to invite and what your overall budget is, it’s time to find your ideal boat. Not all junk packages are the same. Do you want a junk with all-inclusive packages or do you want to self-cater? Most junk operators provide catering and even music options, so be sure to ask. Others offer extras from banana-boat rides, wakeboarding, water-skiing to spa treatments. An all-inclusive company may be marginally pricier, but that extra cost buys convenience.
The other option is to self cater which is a great way to customize the experience for guests. Junk season starts in May-June and continues until September-October. Junks can be hired for day or night parties but they get booked up fast, so make sure you book at least one or two months in advance.

Hong Kong Yachting is one of Hong Kong’s top junk rental companies. They have a fleet of over 20 junks, cruisers and sailing yachts with two of the largest and most popular open deck boats available, Jungle Jane and Tarzan which include inflatable slides and twister lounge’s. They offer junk packages starting at HKD8,500 with full food and drink packages also available. We are delighted that HK Yachting recommends Pelago as their event management partner. Contact them at, 25260151

Pelago Tip: Book your junk at least one to two months in advance. Whether private or open to the public, create your junk event on Pelago so people can book their tickets with ease. You can also manage the numbers with total control. Contact us at with any questions.

Tip #4: Food for thought

Junk operators offer a variety of food options to suit your budget. Whether you want a special destination for lunch or just want to drop anchor for a fully-catered lunch, great food is a must. The good news is Hong Kong has a great selection of catering and food-delivery options. Here’s some that deliver to Central Pier:

Deliveroo is a super-easy option for feeding hungry junkers and it now delivers direct to the pier before departure! You can pre-order or order on the day (for delivery from 9:30am on day of sailing). If ordering for the first time, use the voucher code “PELAGO” and get HK$100 off your order. Order from the app or from

What started as a small delicatessen has become one of Hong Kong’s top go-to caterers.. and junks are their speciality (they can even organize the boat for you.) Awesome team awesome food. Contact: ( 25590144

Knead has all your healthy eating needs covered. Prices start from HK$80 per person for a set menu and vary depending on what you take onboard! Contact: 28517778

Little Burro
These guys know how to build a burrito (and loads of other cool bites and drinks!) It has a great selection starting at HK$93 per person so give them a call a day before your departure and arrange a Mexican feast on the waves. They deliver to the pier. Contact: or 23360505

N’ice Pops
What would be “n’icer” on a hot day out junking than some delicious N’ice Pops! Drop them a line the week before as all pops are made fresh to order. Prices range from HKD45-55 for the boozy ones. Grab a bunch and keep things chilled and sweet on the high seas! Contact: or 68754334.

Pomegranate Kitchen is a full service catering company specializing in the flavours of the Mediterranean and Middle East. From a mezze platter to antipasti and charcuterie, the founder and chef Maria Bizri, can create the perfect food for your junk. Events catered from six to 200 people.

The Walrus
Get into the nautical mood with some oyster shucking from The Walrus. Its junk packages include “Thai me up” – a concoction of coriander, Thai chili and lime and “K-Pop” – a Kimchi take on cocktail sauce,. Oyster novices can follow its step-by-step guide to shucking! Packages also include wine, craft beers and The Woods’ bottled cocktails! Oh, and deliveries to the pier can be arranged! Contact:,

Tip #5: Cocktails and mocktails a plenty

Having the right drink options on your junk is crucial. Keeping drinks cold is even more crucial so make sure you have plenty of ice. Most junk companies provide ice and water so make sure it’s ordered in advance and best to order more than you think you’ll need! There are a number of ice suppliers, depending on where you need to have it delivered. A good bet is Hong Kong Ice & Storage. Contact 27755282
Some junk operators cater for your liquid needs and typically offer good advice on how much you’ll need. If ordering your own drinks, order plenty! A good rule of thumb is six to 12 cans of beer, one bottle of wine and a third of a bottle of spirits per person. Don’t forget a few bottles of Jagermeister, a nice bottle of spiced rum or maybe a little Aperol to mix things up a bit.

Pelago Tip: Ask for twice as much ice as you initially plan and get ice for drinks and for cooling cans and bottles! Oh and don’t forget water!! Plan for at least one litre per guest.

BottlesXO: A great option for a last-minute delivery of chilled white or delicious red, BottlesXO delivers directly to the Central Pier within an hour, so if you’re short a few bottles or need a full compliment, call them on your way to the pier. Download the app here.

Tip #6: Music to your ears

If you really want to hit a high note on the high seas, music is a must. The first step is to check options with your junk rental company. Most junks have a basic built-in system that makes it easy to plug directly into your music source. Be sure you’re fully charged and have plenty of mixes ready for at least six hours of fun. We like discovering mixes on Soundcloud and Mixcloud but we’re sure you’ll have some bangers to play. If your junk operator allows it, hire a sound system and DJ to take the party to the next level. The following options can lift the vibe:

Junk Parties HK: These boys have nailed it. They do the complete package including junk hire, drinks packages, sound system and the all-important cracking DJ. Give them your budget, what you want and they make it happen. Contact them here.

Sol Passion: The lads at Sol Passion can provide nice mid-sized systems using Native Instruments controllers for easy set up. They also provide top DJs to make your junk the most memorable of the summer. Contact them at or or 94220367.

V Group: The crew at V Group can provide everything you need to make your junk rumble on the water. Whether it’s a small system or something large enough to power a small country, these guys can deliver.. straight to the pier! Contact them on 94612091.

Pelago Tip: A music set up usually needs approval from the junk operator, so get the green light from them to avoid unwanted surprises.

Tip #7: Toys for Boys and Girls

Most junk operators offer to arrange speed boats, slides and other fun toys. If your budget permits, consider adding a few toys to the plan. They make the day more enjoyable and memorable. can provide very cool water sport toys as well. Check out their Jet Surf and SkiBobs and be sure to contact them to find out more!

Pelago Tip: Discuss options when you book your junk as these toys are popular!

Tip #8: Top destinations

The destination can add time to the journey but also seclusion or protection from the wind if wakeboarding’s your thing. Junk companies have loads of advice – just tell them what you’re looking for, including the journey time. Most junk companies depart from Central, Aberdeen, Causeway Bay or Sai Kung. Destinations are ultimately down to the weather and the captain, but popular destinations include Lamma, Clearwater Bay, South Bay and Lantau. Sailing to Sai Kung could take you to Millionaire’s Bay, Tai Long Wan, Long Ke Wan and Sai Wan. If you’re seeking a secluded spot head to the hidden gems of Ninepin Islands and Soko Islands.

Pelago Tip: We love Tai Long Wan, Long Ke Wan, Ninepin Islands and the Soko Islands!

Contact Pelago at with any questions and please click here for a list of FAQs. Time to get your party on the water! Happy Sailing!



Invisible Kitchen
Up the sophistications stakes with Invisible Kitchen. From gourmet canapés to four-course feasts prepared on-board to handpicked hampers delivered to your location, Invisible Kitchen is all about the finer things in life. See the  junk catering menu here. For bespoke enquiries, 27115788

Monsieur Chatte
Offering homemade French food, Monsieur Chatter presents three junk menus from HK$150 to HK$350 per person.  The price includes delivery to the pier, cutlery, plates and napkins. Contact them at 31058077,,

Shamrock Catering
Established in 1994, Shamrock Catering offers an amazing selection of dishes that can be customized to your taste and junk party.  It also offers Thai, Chinese and Barbecue options or you can create a bespoke menu. 25478155,

Wilfred Catering
Har Gow At Sea? Wilfred Catering offers classic Cantonese fare including dim sum classics, perfect if you’re entertaining tourists or out-of-towners.  Thai and Japanese are also available.  Delivery can be arranged at an additional cost depending on your location.  They also offer waiters and chefs. 28700535,


Aqua Luna
This traditional red-sailed Chinese junk offers day cruises to Stanley, Aberdeen, Cheung Chau or Tin Hau Temple.  Run by the Aqua restaurant group with their signature cocktails available on-board. Good option for tourists. Extras: A full bar and cocktail lounge for up to 80 people.  22168821,

Duk Ling
A red-sailed Chinese junk, built in Macau more than 50 years ago, Duk Ling is a symbol of Hong Kong Extras: Wedding and family photography  3759 7070,

Hong Kong Junks
Hong Kong Junks offers boats for up to 40 people and a variety of catering packages, including an all-inclusive option with unlimited food and drink.  Extras: Water sports, banana boats, DJs and face-painting. Catering can be arranged from The Butcher’s Club. 28401588,

Island Junks
Offering a wide variety of charter packages, Island Junk’s vessels hold up to 50 passengers; offering catering and non-catering packages  Extras: Thai massage, sea-yaks, snorkels and toys 28775222,

Jaspas Junks
Known as the true party junk, Jaspas is a Pelago favourite. Extras:  Beach parties on application.  Sound system. 27926001,

Koh Thai
Offers seven types of boats with Thai food and drink catering packages available for a minimum of 25 people. Extras: Pets are welcome. Water sports, games and on-deck massages.   60148460,

Lazy Days
Sail Hong Kong in style with Lazy Day’s cruiser yachts.
Extras: A giant six-person inflatable lounger; wakeboarding, stand-up paddle boarding and banana boating; and on-board spa treatments. 34881534,

A meticulously restored 80-foot classic motor yacht crafted from tropical hardwoods, brass and copper. Its 4,000 square feet accommodates 59 people and includes sun decks, a mahogany-panelled living room, dining room, a master suite and four guest cabins, full kitchen, office and staff quarters. Extras: Overnight charters are available for up to nine sleepers. 66211691,

Nextwave Charters
New kid on the block, NextWave Charters not only does junk boats but is also home to the largest source of luxury yachts in Hong Kong. We promise affordable prices and exceptional service, all packages and options can be tailored to you and the friendly experienced team is committed to ensuring your next ocean adventure is fuss-free and one to be remembered. Contact them at 23350688,,

Riviera Orientale
Riviera Orientale offers luxury vessels yachts with packages including the “Exceptional” with boats for state functions and VIPS. Extras: Jet skis, aqua toys, security, airport and helipad services.

Saffron Cruises
Saffron has one of the largest selection of boats to charter in Hong Kong, including cruiser yachts and more traditional Chinese junks. It also has sailing yachts, speed boats and cruisers. Extras: Waiter service, weddings and beach parties. 28571311, or