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JWLS: Blicher Hemmer Gadd featuring Steve Gadd !

Tickets available here – JWLS: Blicher Hemmer Gadd featuring Steve Gadd
Venue: Hong Kong Arts Center, Wanchai
Date: Wednesday, 28 Feb 2018
Time: 8:15pm

Blog post 21 January 2018, by Bob Bunger – Pelago Events co-founder

Who is Steve Gadd?

If you google “Steve Gadd”, you get 501,000 search results. Surely a guy who has played with the likes of Steely Dan, Paul Simon, Chick Corea, Al Dimeola and Eric Clapton would leave a trail of incredible legendary stories. But no luck. You get a few interviews and plenty of blurb about 50 ways to leave your lover and a loads of stuff that gives you no sense at all of who this guy really is. He is an enigma.

An enigmatic legend shows us 50 ways

As an experienced drummer, I could bang on about that drum beat on “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.” But that’s been hashed over so many times there is nothing really left to say. So instead, I include a video here that shows Steve’s “generous” style of mentoring us mere mortals on how to play this most famous of drum beats behind Paul Simon’s hit of 1975.

And when I say “generous” I am of course being sarcastic, as you can see in this video particularly starting at 0:55 seconds into the “lesson” where Steve looks to the interviewer for some hint of comprehension of what Steve is “patiently” demonstrating in his own generous way. Steve gives a look like, “surely you get this, right? couldn’t be easier”. But I expect I am not alone feeling the discomfort with the certainty that I’m just a little slow in mental capacity next to a true drumming super hero.

Brief encounter with Buddy Rich

It brings to mind my one and only encounter with the legendary Buddy Rich. When I was 16 years old, my father in true generosity booked a table for four at a local dinner theater on the night Buddy Rich and his big band would perform there. And for me as a drummer since 6 years old, Buddy Rich was my drumming idol – a super hero of drumming that was beyond invincibility with super powers never to be equalled. My father, my mother and my girlfriend and I witnessed an evening of pure drumming genius. And towards the end of the show when Buddy Rich came back on stage for his one and only encore, my father suggested I go down and wait at the side of the stage to see if Buddy would give me a pair of drum sticks.

A pair of Buddy Rich drum sticks?!

What could more cool than copping a pair of Buddy Rich drum sticks?! So I scurried down to the side of the stage to position myself for the holy grail. Sure enough as soon as the band blasted the last note of the evening, Buddy stood, took a bow and headed straight for me on his way off stage. As he passed by me I got his attention by shouting above the applause of the crowd, “Hey Buddy, how about a pair of sticks!”. And as soon as he looked up at me, he looked back down to concentrate on his exit while mumbling,“I’ll give ya a pair of sticks”. And just kept on walking with determination disappearing backstage never to re-emerge.

I returned suitably humbled back to my table and as I approached, my father asked anxiously “So what did he say!?”, to which I responded, “He said he’s gonna give me a pair of sticks”. Of course I had to explain what that meant in nuanced Buddy language. In retrospect, now familiar with the infamous Buddy Rich demeanor, my encounter could not have been more classic Buddy Rich. And frankly I got off lightly. If you don’t believe me, you can check out this audio that was surreptitiously recorded on the Buddy band bus after a typical gig where Buddy was yet again unsatisfied with the beings on planet earth. But be warned, this recording is not for the faint hearted.

A super hero theory

In short, my theory is that these drumming super heroes live on a different level than the rest of us. And they just don’t understand why we don’t get what is so blatantly obvious to them. No patience for mere mortals.

Now you have a chance to witness a drumming super hero of modern times right here in Hong Kong at the HK Arts Center in Wanchai. So book your spot and come prepared for an evening of genius. And don’t be surprised if you walk away convinced there are truly super heroes living amongst us.

So here’s to drumming super heroes. May they continue to bless us with their talents to infinity and beyond.

Book Now JWLS: Blicher Hemmer Gadd featuring Steve Gadd

Joining Steve Gadd will be the amazing Michael Blicher from Denmark on sax and the formidable Dan Hemmer on Hammond organ.


Tickets available here – JWLS: Blicher Hemmer Gadd featuring Steve Gadd
Venue: Hong Kong Arts Center, Wanchai
Date: Wednesday, 28 Feb 2018
Time: 8:15pm

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