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Songs For Children present EVAN DANDO (The Lemonheads) live in Hong Kong, 12th June

Event Title: Songs for Children proudly presents EVAN DANDO
Event Date: 12th June 2017
Event Venue: MOM Livehouse, B39 Seven Seas Shopping Centre, 117-121 Kings Road, North Point
Tickets: 280 HKD (Early Bird while stocks last from ) 330 HKD Advance

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Zoo Records, Shop 325, Level 3, No.608 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
The Globe, Garley Bldg 45-53A Graham St, Hong Kong

“Dando has a flair for bruised melancholy that stands comparison with Gram Parsons and Alex Chilton.” Q Magazine

“A beautiful album of tender reflections on life, love and drug-induced folly set in soulful, country-tinged guitar pop.” The Independent

Evan Dando was the face of 90’s slacker bohemianism. And his band, The Lemonheads where undoubtedly one of the biggest indie rock bands of the era. But, unlike many of their counterparts The Lemonheads managed to balance, precariously on the fence between huge commercial success and underground cool. Dando never courted the media or played the game. The Lemonheads seemed to veer from being the epitome of 90s glamour (Johnny Depp videos, supermodel girlfriends and a high-profile meltdown) to complete cult obscurity: Even with his male model looks and poetic spirit Dando was never going to be the perfect poster boy.

The Lemonheads mainstream breakthrough came in 1992 with the release of ”It’s a Shame About Ray”, 12 perfect tracks of alternately giddy and melancholic jangle-rock. Later pressings of the album included one of the band’s biggest commercial successes, a “sleazy, quick and early Nineties’ version of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Mrs Robinson’’ with a video featuring ‘The Graduate’. Martin Scorsese later used it on the soundtrack for 2013’s ”The Wolf of Wall Street”. The video for the title track starred Johnny Depp and was shot by former bandmate Peretz, who later directed a 2013 episode of Girls called ‘It’s a Shame About Ray’. By the release of 1993’s Come On Feel The Lemonheads, which delivered MTV-propelled hits such as ‘Into Your Arms’ and ‘Big Gay Heart’, The Lemonheads had become the leading lights of the grunge explosion.

Mainstream media hype of The Lemonheads shifted into high gear, filled by high profile relationships with Julianna Hatfield, Courtney Hole and Kate Moss. It also didn’t hurt when a 1993 ‘’People” magazine spread devoted a full page to Evan as one of the fifty most beautiful people in the world. That news came to Evan in New Zealand, on his 26th birthday. When a magazine rep called to tell him he was among the “fifty dishiest people”, Dando recalled, “I thought she said busiest”. And I thought, ‘kin right!” With all the traveling, I was busy!”

Atlantic released a smash follow-up, Come on Feel The Lemonheads, in October 1993. The album brought Dando a genuine charting single (“Into your Arms”) as well as instant classics such as “Great Big No”, “Down About It”, “Being Around”, and “You Can Take it with You.” In winter 1993/1994 Evan Dando was in your living room, thanks to live appearances on the Letterman and Leno late night network TV shows.

Two years of brutal touring for The Lemonheads followed, which Evan punctuated with some high-profile personal meltdowns on various continents that caught the imagination of a press ever eager for negative copy. Dando announced at the 1997 Reading Festival that he was disbanding The Lemonheads. Atlantic released a ”Best of The Lemonheads” album in 1998 and it seemed The Lemonheads were over.

“I just decided to duck out for a while”, explains Dando of his self-imposed exile from the scene. “I didn’t have it in me. It took until I met my wife in 1998 until I got back into making music.” That would be Elizabeth Moses, Newcastle-born English supermodel and musician. In 2004 Evan Dando found himself fronting the MC5, the most incendiary rock band of 1960s America, as lead vocalist in a 41-show tour. in 2005 and early 2006 Dando toured widely in North America and Europe with various bass players (Juliana Hatfield and Josh Lattanzi) and drummers (Bill Stevenson, Chris Brokaw from Come, George Berz of Dinosaur Jr).

Emerging after The Lemonheads disbanded Evan Dando returned to music first with a solo tour and ‘Live At The Brattle Theatre’ then came his debut solo album ‘Baby I’m Bored’ (Liv Tyler and Kate Moss).

Mature and autobiographical, ‘Baby I’m Bored’ is a stellar record that stripped Dando of his grunge label. At the time of recording, he was without the band which saw him lean more towards an achingly melodic alt-country rock sound. Self-deprecating, these are songs of decline and coming back from that.

The Lemonheads – Being Around (Official Video)

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About Songs For Children

Jane Blondel and Mike Mystery were told by a fortune teller to go to the Far East, but what she forgot to tell them there were no indie clubs! So Songs for Children began four years ago, and has grown a solid following (with a solid “No Coldplay” guarantee) plus guest DJ sets at Indietracks Festival UK, Agnes B Punk+ HK and Twee Girls Club in Japan. In the four years since they started, they have hosted Theoretical Girl (UK), The Bobby McGees (UK), Cats on Fire (Finland), Asobi Seksu (US), JJ (Sweden), The Drums X 2 (US), Vivian Girls (US), Deerhoof (US), Yuck (UK), Craft Spells (US), Electrelane (UK), Summer Camp (UK), The Jesus and Mary Chain (UK), Dinosaur Jr (US) Carl Barat/Libertines (UK), Dirty Beaches (US), F*ck Buttons DJ set (UK), Ringo Deathstarr (US), Cold Cave (US), Mojave 3 (UK) and Best Coast (US), Veronica Falls (UK), Washed Out (US) Baths (US) D.O.A (CA, Postiljonen (Swe), Slowdive (UK), Blue Hawaii (Can), Happy Mondays (UK), The Garden (US), Jaakko Eino Kalevi (Fin), Hinds (Spain), Swervedriver (UK), The KVB (UK), Honeyblood (UK), Cloud Nothings (US) live shows.

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