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SEO for Events in Hong Kong

In this blog post, SEO for Events in Hong Kong, we share with you 5 easy tips on getting your event to feature in Google search results.

Search engines are more science than art. Even if the search engine providers do not share the details of how they index and rank search results, we can see empirically what works or not. The following are some key observations that many others have noted.

Pelago automatically creates structured data from your event page. Our structured data is created in a way that makes it very easy for the Google bots to search your event page for purposes of indexing in search results. So download the Pelago app and let’s get started!

1. Choose a unique title for your event

The title of your event is THE most important aspect of your event impacting the SEO for events in Hong Kong. If you use very common words or phrase to describe your event, then logically the search results will contain a lot of references that have nothing to do with your event.

For example, an event title like “Knitting Workshop” you will get more than 30 million responses in your Google response. If on the contrary, you name your event with a more unique word combination like “Crochet Workshop in Hong Kong” you have already reduced the Google results to below 900 thousand. And now you have a much better chance of getting on page one of search results if someone in Hong Kong searches on “knitting workshop Hong Kong”. This is because Google has contextual logic that will recognize “knitting” as related to “crochet”, which is a more unique keyword. And as Pelago highlights to Google your event date and time information, Google recognizes this upcoming event as even more relevant relative to other results.

2. Repeat your event title in event description

This is almost as important as event title. Here you need to repeat your event title in the FIRST LINE of your event description. Then to add even more emphasis to Google indexing, make sure you mention your event title at least 3 times in your event description. This makes it abundantly clear to Google crawlers what the event is about and that these terms are important for indexing.

3. Provide thoughtful event description

Google search looks for interesting value-added content above all else. This means if your event description is 1 or 2 sentences, Google will not recognize this as interesting content. We observe that a thoughtful 300 words or more event description is sufficient to make a difference with search engines. Include external reference links to web pages, images or videos about the artist or event subject as outward-bound links significantly help your index ranking.

4. Present your brand using our Organizer Profile

Your brand can be you personally, a brand you have created for running your events or your corporate brand. Special attention needs to be applied to your brand as this can create a significant differentiator to search engine results. Your brand is also very important aspect to your ticket sales conversions. Potential ticket purchasers are much more likely to click the BUY button if they trust the organizer of the event. And your organizer profile is a key aspect of building that trust. Fortunately, Pelago makes it easy to create an organizer profile which you only need to do once.  Then your profile is automatically included in all your event web pages and the structured data generated by Pelago for search engines. Here is a link to our FAQs on how to set up your profile.

5. Include at least one clean high quality image

The best image you can apply is one that is pure image with NO text.  Too many organizers try to cram all their event information onto their image. This is ok if you are creating a poster for print. But this is NOT ok for on-line advertising.  All that detail and description needs to be presented in plain text in the event title, event description and organizer description where Google can make sense of it.  Google has no way of reading image text. Just as important, you are missing a great opportunity to emotionally connect with your audience. THE best way to do this is to show them a clean high quality image that represents the mood for your event.  This not only looks great but it has the best chance of creating immediate emotional resonance, which is exactly what you want.  With Pelago you can include as many event images as you like. So if you feel you must include an image with information, add these images after the primary image – no problem.

Follow these simple steps to maximize SEO for events in Hong Kong.  Then give the search engines about 3 days and your event will have a much better chance of getting on page one of a search engine result.

As always, if you have any questions we would be happy to hear from you at

In the mean time, check our home page and see if you see any good examples of SEO for events in Hong Kong!

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