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Q&A on how Pelago can help you with online events

Can Pelago help me promote my online event?  Pelago Events Hong Kong

Yes, Pelago has an amazing highly engaged subscriber base in Hong Kong numbering in the 10’s of thousands. There are even more views of the Pelago website each month.  So if you want to reach out to the Pelago audience, all you need to do is publish your event on Pelago. 

It doesn’t matter if your event is free or paid, Pelago can help in many ways for online events.  It costs nothing to publish your event on Pelago.  The only charges are a processing fee for each ticket sold for paid events.  We have the lowest rates in the market – you can see details here.


If my event is free on Zoom for example, why would I need to publish my event on Pelago? 

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That’s a great question and there are 3 very good reasons why you would want to consider Pelago to promote your free event: 

1. You get free advertising to the 10’s of thousands of Pelago audience by putting your event on the Pelago website


2. Your event may also be included in our Pelago newsletter which goes out to our full audience of newsletter subscribers


3. Your Pelago event registrations help you build your own audience for your future events


Oh wait there’s one more reason! Free events are free to publish on Pelago. No cost at all to you or your attendees.


Find out more here on our FAQs support page.

Ok, how do promote my online event on Pelago?

Here’s how in 4 easy steps:

1. Choose your online video streaming platform 

Whether Zoom or Facebook live or Houseparty, you hold your event or event series on the platform of your choice.

2. Publish your event on Pelago

Download the Pelago app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, sign-up and create your event by tapping “Host a new event” on the side menu. See our FAQs on more detail.  Don’t forget to your audience know in your event description that you will send them instructions prior to the event on how to join your online event.

3. Start collecting Pelago registrations

With your professionally curated event on Pelago, you will immediately start to get viewings, clicks and registrations on the Pelago app or Pelago website.

4. Let your audience know how to join the online event

The day before or day of your event, you reach out to the audience who registered to your event, and give them the details of how to join on Zoom, Facebook live or whatever platform you have chosen for your video streaming. You can access your full audience contact list with one tap in the Pelago app. 


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at


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