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Outlook Festival Hong Kong

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Outlook Festival, the largest Soundsystem and Bass Music Culture festival, originated in Europe. The four-day event is held at Fort Punta Christ in Croatia, with a breath-taking view of the Adriatic Sea. Now approaching its eighth year, Outlook Festival has been bringing Bass Music Culture to music fans from across the world – and this is no exception for Hong Kong this year. Outlook Festival is launching a party on May 13 in Ma On Shan, Hong Kong, with numerous well-known or rising DJs performing.

Outlook Festival HK is the only underground Bass Music festival in Hong Kong, bringing together the finest sounds from the most vibrant and cutting edge dance scene around, whether it be house, techno, dubstep, reggae, dub, hiphop, garage, grime, electronica — all kinds of underground dancefloor music will be involved.

This year, Outlook Festival HK will also uncover a wide range of new talents from the underground soundscape in Hong Kong.

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Just Bee is one of the performing DJs at the festival; heavily inspired by labels such as Metalheadz, Exit Records, Critical, Soul:r and more, Just Bee loves mixing it up to create concoctions in her own style, guaranteed to make anyone buzz. Just Bee has played at venues such as Oma, XXX, Basement and Social Room, make sure you don’t miss this chance to catch her live at Outlook Festival HK this year!

There are also Hiphop/Rap x R&B artists Kemikal Kris x Wesley Jamison on the line up at the festival. It is a stepping stone for them, having performed live at their previous events and after their song, Welcome to Hong Kong, has become a great hit. Kris x Wes are the rising stars in Hong Kong’s Hiphop/Rap and R&B culture. At Outlook Festival HK this year, you will be able to see more of their performance. Here’s a music video of their most popular song:Welcome to Hong Kong

Of course, Outlook Festival HK is going to top up the party by introducing hybrids of DnB x Hip Hop x Footwork produced by British DJ, Stray, as well as having some famous DJs performing – from the arguable Hong Kong’s top DJ Frankie Lam, to the South London based Subcoat, with his very own style of DnB mixes.

Subcoat’s core and consistent selection is Garage, Grime, Trap, UK Funky, House, Techno, Jungle, R&B and Dubstep, even though he is not bound to these genres. His production has been on radio stations in London such as Rinse FM, Radar Radio, Balamii Radio & Hoxton FM, leading him to headlining at clubs and festivals (Bestival, Fools Paradise) all over the UK and Europe (Amsterdam, Vienna & Innsbruck). He has also performed live at the Syndicate in Beijing last year, which marked his success as he has entered the market in Asia to reach out to more music lovers. Check out the footage of Subcoat’s performance in the link below!

Additionally, the festival will also include Reggae, brought to you by Blood Dunza, the founder of the Heavy Hong Kong Crew, who has played at Outlook Festival in Croatia 2012, toured Germany, Belgium, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, India, Cambodia and all over China. If you’re looking for some Deep House, Tech-House and Progressive House music, there will also be Totoro Typhoon, a Hong Kong based DJ duo and party producer that has played in multiple Asian festivals, such as Yin Yang (Beijing), Wonderfruit (Thailand), Midi Electronic festival (Suzhou).

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OUTLOOK 香港音樂節 2017
日期 DATE: 13/05/2017 星期六 SAT
時間 TIME: 12:00 – 23:00
Outlook Festival Hong Kong:
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Outlook Festival是一個來自歐美的最大型sound system & bass 的音樂節。這四日的音樂節將於 克羅地亞的歷史古蹟 Fort Punta Christ 中舉行。不得一提, Fort Punta Christ 有對著 Adriatic sea的迷人觀景!

Outlook Festival為了慶祝八週年,決定帶bass music culture 給世界各地的粉絲!香港也絕對不例外。Outlook Festival 將於5月13日於馬鞍山舉行第一場音樂派對! 這場派對當然小不了世界知名 DJ 的參與!

Outlook Festival HK 是香港唯一一個地下 bass music festival, 無論是 house, techno, dubstep, reggae, dub, hiphop, garage, grime, electronica, 也將會為大家帶來最好的聲效還有最好的舞台!

今年,Outlook Festival HK 也帶來不小香港地下音樂界的新人。

Just bee 是一位將於Outlook Festival HK 表演的 DJ,她的靈感來於 Metalheadz, Exit records, Critical, Soul:r 等等。Just bee 喜歡將不同的東西加起來製作自己獨一無二的風格,保證你一聽停不下來。Justbee有在 Oma, XXX, Basement 以及 Social room 等地方表演過。所以記住不要錯過這次看她live的機會!

Hiphop/R&B 藝人 Kris x Wesley Jamison 也會於今次的音樂節演出。Kris x Wes 是香港 hiphop/rap and R&B culture 中的新星。當他們的歌 Welcome to Hong Kong 一推出後,大受歡迎。 也在不同的地方有live 表演。於今年的 Outlook Festival HK,你將會看到他們的演出。以下是他們最受歡迎的歌- Welcome to Hong Kong:

當然, Outlook Festival HK 將會為這次的派對增添更多歡樂!Hybrids of DnB x Hip Hop x Footwork 的英藉 DJ, Stray 和很多知名 DJ 將於 Outlook Festival HK 表演。 從香港頂尖DJ Frankie Lam, 到 South London 的 Subcoat 也有。

Subcoat的主打為 Garage, Grime ,Trap, UK Funky, House, Techno, Jungle, R&B 和 Dubstep,可是他不會受這些風格限制。他的製作曾於倫敦的 radio station Rinse FM, Radar radio, Balamii Radio 和 Hoxton Fm 播出。令他在很多夜店和音樂節日 ( Bestival, Fools Paradise) 知名度大響。他去年也在北京的 Syndicate 表演,也見證著他在亞洲市場的成功。看一看 Subcoat 的表演吧!
另外,這次音樂節表演者也會有 Blood Dunza, Heavy Hong Kong Crew的創辦人,帶給大家 Reggae!他們曾於 Outlook Festival Croatia 2012 表演,去過不同的地方,當中包括德國、比利時、泰國、越南、新加坡、菲律賓、印度、柬埔寨,還走遍中國。 如果你是想找 Deep house, Tech-house 和 Progressive House music, Totoro Typhoon 也會在當日表演。 Totora Typhoon 是由兩名香港 DJ 組成的 ,他們曾於多個亞洲音樂節表演過, 例如 Yin Yang (北京), Wonderfruit (泰國), Midi Electronic Festival (蘇州)。

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