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Event trends: conscious living on the rise

Over the past two years we’ve seen a significant rise in the number of wellness and conscious living events. With the threats caused by the global climate change crisis and the dramatic increase in the world population that doubled in the last 50 years, lifestyle particularly among millennials and the youngest generation is shifting from luxury and over-consumption to an eco-friendly, zero-waste and minimalist lifestyle.

Lately over 40% of the events hosted on Pelago are promoting a more eco-conscious lifestyle with topics such as wellness, sustainability, zero waste, eco-fashion, raw and vegan food and drinks, farmers’s market and urban farming. The focus on health and wellbeing continues to increase with panel discussion events with health expert, talks by wellness entrepreneurs, yoga, pilates, meditation, personal growth, empowerment and healing classes.

The Garden Gathering, a community of inspirational, compassionate, and supportive women who have united with the common purpose of fostering conscious evolution and leading with gratitude and respect for our mother earth, host a yearly three-day Garden Gathering festival at the Sai Yuen Farm site on Cheung Chau island. The 4th edition was hosted last December with a packed schedule of workshops led by inspiring wellness experts The Gardeners in small groups where you learn and transform together and connect at a soul level. The workshops cover a broad range of areas of wellness including some unheard of by most of us –  one of the workshops was  a death café led by the amazing death midwife & doula Christin Ament, quite a transformational experience.

Garden Gathering - Pelago events

One of the major new movement of conscious living is the zero waste movement, which focuses on ending wasteful practices such as the use of plastic packaging, the waste generated by the fashion industry and starting a zero waste and minimalist lifestyle. Fanny Moritz, founder and CEO of the platform NO!W No Waste which regroups all the Zero Waste essentials you need to reduce your daily waste, will give an exclusive talk on how you can drastically cut down on waste and be kind to your wallet at the upcoming Entrepreneur Experiences series on May 23rd at the Hive Sheung Wan.

The fashion industry is one the industries generating the largest amount of waste. Christina Dean, social entrepreneur and founder of Redress and The R Collective has participated to multiple panel events to talk about how consumers can help solve the fashion industry’s biggest problem, waste, by rethinking fast fashion and adopting a more conscious closet. Circular Fashion Revolution will be hosted at the Hive Studios on 26 April 2019 in honor of the fashion revolution week to meet the makers behind the R Collectives’ collection with a screening of the award winning documentary Frontline Fashion. The event will also serve to celebrate the launch of R Collective’s inaugural collection ‘Start From Zero’ and Redress Design Award Winner 2018 Tess Whitfort’s collection ‘Avoidance’, which is captured in a 10 minute screening of ‘Frontline Fashion 3’.


We also see a raising interest in organic and vegan products as people are becoming more concerned both with their personal health and the preservation of our planet’s resources and thus turning to organic products and even growing their own food. The popular Urban Farming & Feast Market will be back in 2019 at the Hive Sheung Wan on Saturday May 4th bringing together a community of local farmers offering fresh & local produce, chocolate making workshops, cooking and urban farming workshops for a day of culinary delight.

Urban and feast market 2019 - PELAGO EVENTS


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