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Dr. Sunday upcoming events

Upcoming Dr. Sunday events

Pelago Events Hong Kong Dr Sunday
Dr Sunday


Tired of having to accompany your gf/bf shopping on a Sunday or looking for the perfect excuse to escape tea time with Grandma ? Tired of having to “netflix & chill” on Sundays cause there simply isn’t anything more fun to do on the Island ? Dreading the end of weekend like no other and looking to get fixed one last time before the monday alarm clock hits ?

Look no more ! Dr. Sunday is here for you with its one size fits all magic potion that will splash you with sunny waves, good vibes & smooth beats all day long. Adults Sunday nursery is finally here and its called Dr. Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚ Come join us on the rooftop of Alto for the Launch party of Dr. Sunday February 24th. Party will be on from 3-10:00 pm.

About Dr. Sunday

Pelago Events Hong Kong Dr. Sunday๐ŸŒžDr. Sunday was born out of desperation, having spent lots of time in the US & Europe, especially in NY and London, we came to Hong Kong realizing the Sunday day party landscape was as dry as as a desert for those who appreciate good vibes & smooth beats on a sunny rooftop overlooking the harbour. Surely the desert wonโ€™t turn into an utopic oasis overnight but at least we are working on a remedy…
Adults Sunday nursery is finally here and its called Dr. Sunday ๐ŸŒž

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