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15% of all Pelago tickets – just pay with PayMe

Pelago Events x PayMe offer extended

Christmas is a holiday that keeps on giving. When you pay for any tickets on Pelago with PayMe in December, you get an immediate 15% discount! Wow, thank you Santa. Just enter promo code PAYME15 during checkout.


  1. Select PayMe as the payment method at checkout on Pelago web or Pelago app 
  2. Enter the promo code PAYME15 
  3. 15% discount immediately applied to the tickets purchased

For example:

You order 2 x 200 HKD tickets with 8 HKD per ticket of service fees applied. 

The undiscounted price is 416 HKD at checkout



  1. choose PayMe as your payment method. 
  2. enter PAYME15 in the promo code box and apply, now your order is discounted by 60 HKD
  3. your order now with fees is 360 + 16 = 316 HKD 
  4. Magic !


  1. You receive the full face value net of Pelago and PayMe service fees  (Pelago 2.5% and PayMe 0.75%
  2.  400 * 3.25% = 13 HKD total service fees
  3. You receive 400 – 13 = 387 HKD for this order 
  4. Your audience are able to purchase for discount but you still get the full face value of your proceeds net of very low service fees !


You’re an event organizer?

Got an event planned in Dec, Jan or Feb? Host your event on Pelago for your guests to enjoy 15% discount on ALL tickets purchased in December via PayMe – at no cost to you!

*normal Pelago fees of 2.5% + 8 HKD per order and PayMe fees of 0.75% per order apply. the 15% discount is applied to the entire order value.

Contact us at or check-out How to create an event on Pelago to get started.




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