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How to build a thriving co-working community

Co-working environments have changed the way we work for the better, attracting like-minded professionals to work together in a shared space. For any co-working community, events are important to help build a vibrant atmosphere. They also help to create opportunities for members of the community to share ideas and interact with each other. 

With the current offerings from co-working space technology, most co-working space management systems offer excellent operations support. But when it comes to event management support, these systems offer very little. 

In 2015, Marie Biole and Bob Bunger founded Pelago Events, with the vision to create the most technologically advanced self-service event platform for mobile users. Since then, they have based their office at The Hive, a co-working space headquartered in Hong Kong. 

“The Hive and Pelago Events have many shared values. Growing as a business in a like-minded environment has helped us become aware and engaged with the needs of the co-working community,” said Biole.

When The Hive struggled to find suitable technology to help them solve their event management needs, they approached Pelago Events for help. The result was Pelago Connect. 

Pelago Connect is a fuss-free plug-in for WordPress websites that helps you look after the entire event management cycle within your website. You can publish events on your website, handle ticket registration, check-in guests, perform re-engagement efforts and more. 

The plug-in only requires one line of code to integrate your events with Pelago’s event management system. This also gives you the flexibility to work on your desktop via the WordPress admin dashboard, or on the companion Pelago app,  to plan and update your events anywhere and anytime. 

To better support operations at co-working spaces, Pelago Connect is integrated with MailChimp and Office RnD, one of the leading co-working management systems on the market. This allows you to collect audience data for each event. Pelago Connect is also compatible with various payment gateway systems including Stripe, PayPal and PayMe, for easy and smooth transactions.

Pelago Connect integrations

What’s more, your events will be published on your website, personalised with your branding. This lets you sell tickets from your website in a heartbeat, without having to compromise your branding through third-party ticketing platforms.

Events are the heart of building a thriving co-working community. Having the right support system can significantly help enhance your members’ experience. Biole and Bunger advice that “there is no need to compromise and lower your expectations based on the platform you have now or have seen on the market so far.” 

Pelago Connect can offer you limitless possibilities.  Additional integration with Nexudus and other co-working space management systems are already in progress. More marketing automation features, including audience and data insight, are also being developed. These features have yet to be seen in the co-working space market. 

With freedom comes the flexibility to manage your events on your website. Pelago Connect can provide you with the core framework to support the entire event management cycle, helping you plan the best events for your community over and over again.

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Contributing author:  Jade Yung

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