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With Pelago you can discover the best events near you or start hosting your own event and sell tickets within minutes.

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Host real moments

Planning a festival or arranging a private gathering of friends? No matter the occasion, large or small, Pelago makes organizing events easy and hassle free. Grab your mobile phone and start hosting real moments today!



Mobile phone with Pelago app open to the navigation menu

Go live in minutes

Hosting an event requires a lot of planning, we know that. So we’ve made the process simple and intuitive even for large scale events. Follow a guided flow with a few taps and you’ll be live and selling tickets in a matter of minutes.

iPhone with Pelago app open to the event creation page

Stay informed

With our organizer dashboard, you can stay on top of your ticket sales and finances – before, during and after the event. Real-time analytics provide the insight you need to host better events.

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Manage on the fly

Last minute and need a full house? You can create a flash ticket sale on your way between meetings, send out updates or give promo tickets with a few clicks of the finger. Pelago is designed for people on the move.

Image of the Pelago app's ticket type creation view

Scrap the paperwork

With digital tickets, you don’t have to fuss around with sheets of paper and spreadsheets. Use the app to scan tickets at arrival and keep track of when to close the doors (or keep them open for those latecomers.)

Image of the Pelago app's ticket view with QR code and event details

Spread the word

A unique event web page means your event can be shared via email or on any social platform directly from the app. Once clicked, it only takes a few easy steps for guests to get their hands on a ticket. Simple.

Image of the Pelago app social media sharing option for Facebook

Unlock your social calendar

We’ve made Pelago the best possible platform for hosting events. And that makes it an ideal platform for attendees as well.


Try something new… or stay with your favorite organizers. Maybe you’re a diehard rock fan or maybe you’re looking to try yoga for the first time. Whatever your taste, use categories and search to filter the good stuff.

Be Social

Check out what events your friends are planning to attend by browsing through their profiles. And if you see something they might like, why not share it with them?

All in one place

Never suffer from a last minute printing drama. Pelago keeps everything mobile. That means selecting the event, scanning your credit card and storing your tickets securely all in one place. The rest is up to you!

Image of the Pelago app open to a single event view