Pelago Interview: Marco Faraone presented by Say Yes

Marco Faraone (IT) will be at LUPA on Sunday 6th March. Get tickets HERE!

Pelago sat down with Italian electronic master, Marco Faraone to find out more about what drives him and his latest efforts. Incredibly, this will be the first trip to Hong Kong! What do you say HK? Let's how him how we do it!!

How did it all start for you (DJing/Producing)?
I started DJing when I was 14 years old, and producing just a few years later when I felt that I wanted to play some of my own productions.

Soundcloud: Marco Faraone/Harbour Snippets

Who is your biggest inspiration? Who do you have a lot of respect for?
As a DJ my favorite is Laurent Garnier, I really like his way of DJing and creating the vibe with different kind of music in his sets. He can play so many different styles but with a very high class. As a producer I’m a big fan of Robert Hood.

How would you describe your style?
When I DJ and produce I really like to play different stuff and don’t do “flat” sets. What I do in my productions is automatically reflected into my DJ sets. I would say the exactly word is eclectic.

What are your thoughts on the explosion of „EDM“ worldwide?
I don’t like EDM to be honest, just music without elegance, soul and vibe… just breaks and drops. I call it Luna Park’s music.

Soundcloud: Marco Faraone/Moon Harbour

Do you think there are more and more successful DJs/ Producers who are from Italy? What is the scene there like?
Well I’m very proud of my country and the scene. We have many good and famous clubs recognized worldwide and the crowd is very warm. There are so many amazing producers and talents like Herva, Fabio della Torre aka Minimono, Hertz Collision, My Flower and Mennie.

Which country do you love to play the most?
Of course Italy, but also Spain, Belgium, the UK, and South America. I really like the vibe there.

It’s your debut tour for Hong Kong/China, how do you feel and what are you expecting?
I’m very curious to see new places and meet new people. That’s one of the most beautiful aspects of my work. To play in China was one of my dreams and now it’s happening. When I started DJing I didn’t even expect to play out of my small hometown, so that is for sure an amazing experience that I’ll remember for sure. Soo excited guys! See you soon! :)

Facebook: Facebook/Marco Faraone
Soundcloud: Soundcloud/Marco Faraone

Marco Faraone (IT) will be at LUPA on Sunday 6th March. Get tickets HERE!