Interview with CEO and Co-founder of Pelago

Bob Bunger, Co-Founder and CEO of Pelago shares his story with Callum Connect of The Asian Entrepreneur.

Live music is making a comeback! Bob Bunger, a music enthusiast has applied his technology skills with his passion for music and created an online platform for all things music and entertainment.

What’s your story?
I grew up playing drums with different bands in Indiana. My technology beginnings were as a first-year college student in the early 80’s at the time Microsoft was just getting traction. After a long career in software development and managing technology programs in both the avionics and finance industries, I finally applied my technology experience to my passion for music in a new social events platform Pelago ( This is my favorite job. I don’t really consider it work, even though I put more effort into it than any other job I have had.

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